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Fashion design consultancy

WE KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS FOR SMALL COMPANIES to get going and not having the right contacts can cause problems when trying to manufacture and produce garments.



We have a network of reliable manufacturers across Europe, the Middle East and Asia that we have worked with for many years. Our ongoing partnerships  allow us to supply smaller quantities cost effectively which is a lifeline for small businesses looking to develop their brand without the risk of committing to large quantities.


We share the same philosophy with our suppliers that working with smaller businesses and growing with them is a great basis for long term success.


We will always communicate with our clients through each part of the process and respond to any questions as soon as we can.


Speed of delivery and quality assurance are of the highest importance to us.


Quality is paramount and we have our own quality controller at site monitoring the garments right the way through from sampling, lap dips, bulk fabric approval, pre production samples to bulk production and packing.


We use a world renowned shipping forwarder to ensure your product arrives safely in the best possible time.


We are committed to compliance not just to all applicable laws and regulations but also to ethical trading policies.


We recognise that you need to make money. So do we! We believe this is best achieved by working together - in partnership.

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